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Project Management

Project management is one of our core services helping to deliver our consulting, engineering excellence and construction services to customers.

We have been providing project management services for decades including construction management advice and support, health, safety, sustainability, environmental and quality (HSSEQ) direction and support and commissioning and start-up as part of our services. Our project management services span all our sectors including commercial, housing, public (government), health, retail, new build, refurbishment to mention but a few.

Elevate has developed and refined a state-of-the-art software that provides procedures and specifications for the management and control of procurement, construction and commissioning of process and industrial facilities.

We have a common approach to project management when executing projects within Elevate. It combines an assurance framework for project delivery with access in real time for ALL, and best practice examples. It is part of a fully interfaced set of work processes which sets out the Elevate way of working. Together these processes give us a blueprint for our standard approach to complete, successful delivery of all our projects, every time.